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Genius physiognomist

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    September 4, 2022 9:09 PM EDT

    Out of the hotel, Ye Tian's expression is not as helpless and angry as in the room, for today's things, although not satisfactory. But with more than one million RMB of information in his arms, Ye Tian was very satisfied. Whether it is a swindler of Jiang Xiangpai or a geomancer like Ye Tian, the most taboo word is the same, that is, the word "greed". Ye Tian, who had said to Long Xuelian that the price of broken charms was still somewhat angry, now no longer cares. Think of oneself just can refuse tens of millions of wealth of y yòuhuò, but is in the small hundreds of thousands on the mind … Ye Tian could not help laughing, and then again, he may not have no chance to earn tens of millions of yuan. What does a geomancer depend on for a living? Nature is to give people geomantic omen, fortune telling … But changes person's numerology, itself is one of service items, helps Tang Xuexue to dissolve nine y yīn absolutely pulse, also does not have Ye Tian to say such alarmist. Li Shanyuan was punished by heaven for changing his life, because Li Shanyuan's Yangshou had been exhausted, which was tantamount to taking away two years of life from the way of heaven. This means was not to disturb the secret of heaven, but to change the operation of the way of heaven. Of course, the consequences were extremely serious. But Tang Xuexue's matter is not the case, when Ye Tian deduces the numerology for her. She found that her Yangshou was not over, and she was destined to have the help of a noble person to help her dissolve the nine yyīn veins, and she would not suffer the same vitality as last time. So Ye Tian opened his mouth and agreed to come down, otherwise, not to mention that he had no friendship with Tang Wenyuan, he had helped his Wei Hongjun find his head many times. Ye Tian will not act rashly,Drive in racking system, all day long to help people to avoid disaster, Ye Tian can not understand this truth? After Ye Tian received the patriarch's inheritance, his understanding of the art has gone far beyond Lao Dao's understanding of the art. As long as he can break through the existing skills, many of them are anti-heaven means in Lao Dao's eyes, but they are easy for Ye Tian to do. When the time comes, should we collect 50 million or 100 million? Thinking of Tang Wenyuan's generosity, Ye Tian could not help but feel a little itchy in his heart. In his eyes, Mr. Tang was a super fat sheep. He was willing to pay tens of millions of yuan for a magic weapon. He helped his granddaughter cure the disease by himself. The old man didn't know what kind of handwriting he would take out. Taxi, damn it, calm down. Ye Tian,long span shelving, who was fantasizing, suddenly found that a car parked in front of him had forgotten to get on, and was robbed by others first, and could not help laughing. Hey, Ye Tian, wait for me. When Ye Tian was about to reach out to call the second car to come, there was a cry behind him, "Ye Tian, where are you going?"? I'll drive you. Ye Tian looked back and saw that it was Hu Jun. He said with a smile, "Brother Hu, I'll go to the bank and go home. Don't bother you.." Hu Jun grabbed Ye Tian and said with a smile, "It's all right. I'm just looking for you to talk about. There are some things that are quite sleepy during this period. I'd like to ask Master Ye to give me some advice." "What master ah, call my name, Hu Ge, then take me to the bank first, watching Hu Jun's car was driven in front of the hotel, Ye Tian did not refuse to open the door and sit on it.". Handing a tip to the doorman, Hu Jun sat in the driving seat. He grew up in 49 cities. Although he had been away for many years, he was familiar with the road. After the car drove away from the hotel, radio shuttle racking ,Narrow aisle rack, Ye Tian sat in the passenger seat and asked, "Brother Hu, do you have something on your mind?" From Hu Jun's physiognomy, Ye Tian could see that he was miserable in his childhood, but when he was in his twenties, his fortune changed, and when he reached middle age, he was even richer. But now Hu Jun is encountering a threshold in his life. If he chooses the right one, he will soar to the sky, but if he chooses the wrong one, he will be dormant for a few more years. After hearing Ye Tian's words, Hu Jun's face was slightly stunned, but the driving hand was still very steady, presumably also right, if Ye Tian did not have some real talent and learning, Tang Wenyuan would not have such an attitude towards him. Although this is not the time to talk, but since Ye Tian started the conversation, Hu Jun also asked along, "Ye Tian, my foundation is in the northeast, now the cause is also there, but the elders in the family recently came to Beijing to develop, you say." Shall I come with you? Hu Jun's grandfather was a meritorious general at the time of the founding of the People's Republic of China, but he was so shocked by the turmoil that he died in the 1970s. Hu Jun's father was also sent to the army in the northeast in the mid-1970s because of his grandfather. Hu Jun, who spent his childhood in Beijing, suffered a lot with his father at that time. However, Hu Jun's father's life was extremely tough. Relying on his own ability and the help of some elders who came back later, he took one step at a time in the army. In a short period of 30 years, his rank was equal to that of his deceased father. Hu Jun, who has been used to political strife since childhood, is no longer willing to enter politics. With his father as a big tree, his business in the Northeast is doing very well, but recently a transfer order transferred his father to Beijing. In this way, Hu Jun has to make a choice, is to follow his father to Beijing, or stay in the northeast to continue to develop? A lot of business in the northeast is developing, Hu Jun this walk, is bound to be affected, but into Beijing development, the prospects are broader, of course, the environment is relatively complex, there are advantages and disadvantages between the two, Hu Jun can not make up his mind for a while. Just sent a small high money into said is to see a master, Hu Jun idle to have nothing to do, also followed, but did not want to actually open their eyes, know Ye Tian. After hearing Hu Jun's words, Ye Tian hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth and said, "Brother Hu, there is an old saying that I don't know if you have ever heard of it. That is to say, people move to live and trees move to die!" "Of course I have, Ye Tian, are you suggesting that I come over?" As soon as Hu Jun heard Ye Tian's words, he understood what he meant. Ha ha, Hu Ge, the meaning of this sentence, in fact, the moral is very deep, and even it said that it is not a matter of people moving and trees moving,Narrow aisle rack, it said that people want to be invincible for a long time, it is necessary to continue to develop, can not remain unchanged forever. 。