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Rogue Masters of Online Games

  • In fact there is one thing Ling Xiaoman doesn't know Originally Xia Feng could deal with this monster even if he didn't move his hands but now the negative effects on Xia Feng have begun to increase Yesterday when Xia Feng took out the Holy Spirit Beautyberry he already understood that once he lost the protection of the Holy Spirit Beautyberry the negative effects would be reflected immediately but Xia Feng's nature was very strong So although the negative effect is fierce it will not hurt the summer wind so he can only give the Holy Spirit beautyberry to Ling Xiaoman otherwise Ling Xiaoman absolutely can not insist So now the summer wind has a lot of negative effects even the summer Paper Chemicals wind himself is not sure what kind of consequences the negative effects on his body will bring to him now he feels dizzy plus the value of internal skills and life value continue to decline although automatic recovery is also playing a role but a lot of skills on his body can not be used After all many powerful skills need their full concentration to release and now the summer wind can not even use an absolute defense Seeing Ling Xiaoman give up her life for herself Xia Feng's heart is like a hundred swords penetrating his heart and the feeling that he can't give up makes Xia Feng extremely angry Dragon Messenger! Roar- With the sound of a dragon singing The dragon messenger turned into a golden dragon and appeared in front of the summer wind Save the girl and don't let her get hurt Dragon messenger see summer wind so anxious also did not answer straight down this time summer wind just a little bit of release how did he just did not think of the dragon messenger This is so stupid In fact in this future world the summer wind can not fly but can not represent the dragon messenger can not fly after all he is a dragon and before the summer wind in order not to let the people of the future world feel too shocking so he did not use the dragon messenger to fly but this has also developed a habit now I think of the dragon messenger's summer wind is also very regretful If the dragon messenger had been summoned directly when the monster appeared before would it still be the case now Chapter 1007 colorful Phoenix Chapter 1007 colorful Phoenix Xia Feng sped up to climb down and the dragon messenger flew down to save Ling Xiaoman At this time Ling Xiaoman was ready to die just when Ling Xiaoman saw Xia Feng's expression she suddenly felt that maybe she should give up something for him because the dark beast had been pulling his feet and Xia Feng could not bear it if he did not let go it was estimated that he would fall down now If you can save Xia Feng you may have a chance to avenge yourself Ling Xiaoman could not help laughing did not think that one day he would give up his life for the sake of the person he loved which was unexpected a few years ago but did not think that today he would be separated from Xia Feng Yin and Yang When Ling Xiaoman was in despair he suddenly saw a burst of golden light and then saw a dragon falling from the sky and then went straight to himself Roar- The powerful dragon "Yin" shook the whole deep valley Ling Xiaoman felt a shock in her heart followed by a flower in front of her eyes Chemicals Suppliers and then felt like she was caught by something when she opened her eyes it seemed that she was surprised to find herself sitting on the body of the dragon and the dragon jumped the whole body slid down again Ling Xiaoman felt that he could not open his eyes Hiss ~ ~ When Ling Xiaoman felt the wind in his ears stop he saw that he and the dragon had landed on the ground of the deep valley and now the golden dragon was confronting the black phoenix Fire Phoenix I didn't expect you to be here The dragon suddenly spoke Ling Xiaoman's head was full of incredible but then I thought is this dragon the pet of Xia Feng The black phoenix did not speak but shouted a few times and rushed up with black poison gas on its wings The dragon messenger leapt up and fought with it But this time Xia Feng also walked down from the top saw Ling Xiaoman safely standing on the ground only then breathed a sigh of relief hugged Ling Xiaoman to drink "What did you just do" Don't want to die Ling Xiaoman was hugged tightly by Xia Feng listening to the tone of Xia Feng's blame his heart was warm as if all the efforts at this moment were worth it Ling Xiaoman laughed and said "If I hadn't come down on you at that time I guess both of us would have fallen into the deep valley" "That's no good I don't care what the result is You can't Paper Chemicals give up your life easily Your life is not only your own but also my summer wind You can't give up your life without my permission" Xia Feng's mood almost collapsed just now and when he saw Ling Xiaoman falling down he really wanted to let go and come down with Ling Xiaoman but then he thought of the dragon messenger Xia Feng did not blame Ling Xiaoman for coming down without authorization nor did he worry that Ling Xiaoman would really be killed After all Xia Feng was quite clear about the ability of the dragon messenger Xia Feng was angry because Ling Xiaomans easily chose to give up which was the most angry place for Xia Feng Seeing Xia Feng's nervous tone Ling Xiaoman couldn't help laughing and said "Well they know Didn't I cut the rope carelessly" Xia Feng loosened Ling Xiaoman and looked at Ling Xiaoman's smiling face He wanted to be angry and had no gas He had no choice but to knock on her head and said "Next time I'll see how I can clean you up" The latter shrank his head stuck out his tongue and made a lovely expression Xia Feng could not help grinning and then the two men looked at the dragon messenger Just now he said that this black phoenix was a fire phoenix I don't know what happened Ling Xiaoman told Xia Feng what the dragon messenger had just said Xia Feng nodded and did not speak looking at the two fighting beasts the Fire Phoenix But now this guy is black which means that this phoenix has something to do with this black forest And looking at the black fog on the black phoenix you can think that the poison in the forest is its masterpiece Xia Feng feels a little dizzy again when he thinks of it The negative effect makes Xia Feng feel powerless to fight now

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