Medical career and official career

  • Miracles can be constantly staged, dozens of sick villagers after drinking the Buddhist rain of Sanbao Monk, stopped vomiting in a short time, the symptoms quickly alleviated, the news like wings in an afternoon spread throughout the Heishanzi Township, this is good, some people from other villages who have been ill for a long time also came to seek medical treatment, Zhu Mingchuan let people guard the village. All outsiders were not allowed to enter. The villagers of Zhuxiaoqiao Village swept away the depression and depression of yesterday. The Living Buddha came to our village, and no one felt honored. No one would mention that the Living Buddha was beaten yesterday. No one could remember that the Living Buddha was chased by Zhu Hongxing, the pig butcher, today. Sanbao Monk's face is bright and refreshing, people fight for a breath, Buddha fights for a wick of incense! This feeling of the stars holding the moon, this taste of being admired by the public is so wonderful, not to mention a beating, even two more meals are worth it, in a trance. He felt that he was the living Bodhisattva who saved the people from fire and water, and that he was the savior of the people of Zhuxiaoqiao Village. A water tank full of Buddhist rain was almost divided. Zhu Mingchuan strictly managed it and did not allow villagers to ask for it repeatedly. He looked at the water tank and estimated that there was still a washbasin left. He pouted at his son Zhu Hongjian and said, "Hongjian!"! Carry the water tank home! Although he didn't believe it, he was also thinking about the little Buddhist rain left. Although Monk Sanbao was a monk, his brain was no less flexible than anyone else's. "Zhu Zhishu,die cast light housing," he said with a smile, "you've already donated this. How can you take it back?" "Master," said Zhu Mingchuan in a low voice, "I'll go to Nanlin Temple later to donate more merit." He's starting to hint. "It's a pity," said Monk Sanbao. "I've already promised." He pointed to Zhu Mingzhong, a village health center not far away. Zhu Mingzhong squeezed over and shouted to his two brothers to come together and lift the water tank. Zhu Mingchuan followed up and pulled Zhu Mingzhong: "Mingzhong, why are you carrying my water tank?" "The four of us donated five hundred yuan for the incense," said Zhu Mingzhong. "The master promised to give us the jar." "What do you want this jar for?" Asked Zhu Mingchuan. "My son is still ill, and I have to send him some rain!" Zhu Mingchuan could only watch Zhu Mingzhong's brothers carry the water tank away. He realized that the monk was by no means a living Buddha who saved the world. He was in the eye of money. He sold all his water tanks with empty gloves and white wolves! Five hundred yuan, my X, DIN screw plug ,alloy die casting, he really dares to take it. The Buddhist rain was over, but the popularity of Sanbao Monk did not diminish at all. A group of middle-aged and old women surrounded him and became his most fanatical fans. Rural women would not express their admiration by signing their names, but grinned and looked at the living Buddha with simple and respectful eyes. Although the Living Buddha's face was still scarred by beatings, they were covered with a halo. Monk Sanbao patiently answered for them. By the way, he did not forget to continue to add some crimes to Zhu Hongxing's family, which made the villagers of Zhu Xiaoqiao despise and spurn the family even more. Monk Sanbao told a lot of lies, but he did a lot of good things this afternoon. First, he exorcised the plague that the villagers of Zhuxiaoqiao turned pale at the mention of it. Second, he made everyone realize that it was a sin to rob the country's property that day. It was their wrong behavior that led to today's disaster. () Monk Sanbao is indeed greedy for money, but he can still grasp the principle, and he teaches the common people to be good. Zhu Mingchuan was listening in from the beginning to the end. He had to admire him. When it came to ideological work, Monk Sanbao was much better than the village party secretary. If Monk Sanbao had come two days earlier to talk about the essence of Buddhism, it was estimated that the robbery would not have happened. Fighting with weapons will not be born. Under the guidance of Sanbao Monk, some villagers voluntarily turned in the stolen goods that they were not willing to take out. Monk Sanbao did not leave Zhuxiaoqiao Village until sunset. The villagers were all reluctant to leave and sent him to the outside of the village. There were several cars parked at the entrance of the village. The police car was to assist the Bureau of Cultural Relics in collecting cultural relics. The ambulance was ready to rescue the sick villagers at any time. Zhang Yang's jeep was also parked there. He had nothing to do except making a few phone calls all afternoon. Now he lay here and fell asleep. Monk Sanbao came to the jeep with great ambition and knocked on the window. After waking up Zhang Yang, he opened the door with a smile and sat in the co-driver's seat. Zhang Yang didn't bother to talk to him. This fellow dropped the window and waved goodbye to the villagers. A pale old lady came up to hold Sanbao Monk's hand and burst into tears excitedly: "Living Bodhisattva, you are really a living Bodhisattva. If it weren't for you, our village would really be finished this time!" Monk Sanbao smiled kindly and warmly, with an expression of compassion for all sentient beings: "Almsgiver, remember my words, do more good deeds, and accumulate virtue for future generations!" "Master!" Several middle-aged women rushed up again. Zhang Daguanren was dumbfounded. If things went on like this, he would not be able to walk for a while. This fellow pressed the horn as a prank, scaring a group of middle-aged and old women to get out of the way hurriedly. Zhang Yang laughed and backed away. That group of villagers stood at the entrance of the village, looking at the dust and smoke rolled up by the jeep, I do not know who sighed: "Living Buddha appears!" " Monk Sanbao was very dissatisfied with what Zhang Yang had just done. He looked at him angrily and said, "How could you do this?"? What if I frighten the female benefactors? Zhang Yang burst out laughing and said, "Is the harvest good today?" Monk Sanbao was silent when he mentioned the matter. Zhang Yang glanced at him and laughed. "Amitabha," said Monk Sanbao, "the Zhu family has been driven out of the village. I've finished what you asked me to do. Tomorrow I'll go back to Jiangcheng." "One more thing," said Zhang Yang! There must be a witness for Chen Chongshan's shooting of Zhu Hongwei. You must help me find the witness! Monk Sanbao said, "Although these villagers have driven their family out, I'm afraid no one will be willing to let anyone stand up to testify." Zhang Yang said, "I don't have the ability, but you do!"! Now people in Zhuxiaoqiao Village worship you as a living Buddha. If you say a word, someone must be willing to stand up and testify. "Director Zhang,non standard fasteners, as a Buddhist disciple, I'm under a lot of pressure," said Monk Sanbao. 。

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