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This heart is boundless

  • In April of the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Lingyuan, General Helian Yue of Tianwei defeated the foreign army in Langgu. Emperor Longyan was overjoyed, so he sent more military forces to supervise the battle with Wang Feng Jiutian of Ningxi and Wang Dongfang Xi of Mingnan. Three days later, when Princess Mingnan died, Wang was so distressed that he held a wake alone for seven days and refused to be buried. Later, the emperor issued a decree and buried it in the imperial tomb of the princess. In June of the same year, Helian, the concubine of the Southern King of the Ming Dynasty, died of illness. In May of the same year, the Southern King of the Ming Dynasty wrote a letter to re-investigate Yan Weizheng's old case, proving that Yan Weizheng's case was a case of injustice. The emperor felt that Yan's family had been destroyed, and posthumously awarded him the title of King of Heaven. Ruan Xiuzhi, the head of the cabinet, died of illness immediately, and the emperor thought that he was the pillar of the country and the father of the empress, so he was buried with the ceremony of princes. His eldest son, Ruan Zhiqiu, served his country and went into battle. He died in battle three months later. His second son, Ruan Zhigan, turned to business, and the Ruan family's history of being an official for generations came to an end. In August of the same year, Emperor Lingyuan's concubine Jing gave birth to a son named Tianci. The emperor was overjoyed and restored the title of Concubine Jing. In the first month of the fifth year of the reign of Emperor Lingyuan, Tianci died in infancy. After interrogation, all the evidence proved that Empress Nguyen had done it. The emperor was furious and imprisoned in the Feifeng Palace. A month later, there were rumors in the palace that the queen had disappeared. In April of the fifth year of the reign of Emperor Lingyuan, the Tianwei general Helian Yue was attacked and killed in battle. The Southern King of the Ming Dynasty personally took command. In the next three years, the King of the South of the Ming Dynasty and the King of Ningxi attacked from both sides and won many battles. At the end of the seventh year of the reign of Emperor Lingyuan, the Southern King of the Ming Dynasty led a hundred thousand troops, with fewer enemies,Time Delay Tap, defeated the foreign king at Juzhao Pass, and drove straight into the capital. Enemy at the gate, the moon foreign general Cao Po captured the king of the south side of the imperial concubine Qi Shi, the king was not moved, made the army siege, broken Qi Shi in front of the battle, the capital was captured in half a day. At the same time, the king of Ningxi rate three hundred thousand troops into the new country, wherever they go, invincible, unstoppable,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, generals are down. In the first month of the eighth year of the reign of Emperor Lingyuan, the moon asked for surrender. In March of the same year, Yao Xinguo asked for surrender. Both countries suffered heavy losses, and Emperor Lingyuan signed a new treaty with the two countries. Both countries bowed down to the Tianyin Dynasty and paid tribute every year. At this point, the Tianyin Dynasty enjoyed a hundred years of peace. In April of the eighth year of the reign of Emperor Lingyuan, the Southern King of the Ming Dynasty wrote to abolish the cabinet and set up three departments, namely, the Department of Management, the Department of Engineering and the Department of Military Affairs, under which six departments were set up to exercise military and political power. More than a hundred years of party struggle in the court ended at this point. The Southern King of the Ming Dynasty resigned and returned to the vassal state, and Jiang Feifan, the Northern King of Qi, took over as the assistant king. [Volume 1: Chapter 1 Water Village in Dream] The afternoon sun was warm and soft, shining like bright stars on the shallow blue lake. The two main tributaries of Longhu Lake run through the whole Yunhai City, like a pearl wrapped with silky ribbons, which is breath-taking. I sat quietly in the small pavilion facing the lake in the backyard of Fengyue Building, making tea leisurely. The breeze is blowing, and the willows by the lake are gentle, which is indescribably quiet and pleasant. The most beautiful scenery in the whole Tianyinchao is this. The land is vast and abundant, especially in Dongfan, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, where the scenery is the most beautiful and the climate is the most pleasant. Yan Weiling, the king of Liaodong, was a gentle man. Although he was not as good as the other three kings, he had superior congenital conditions, but the weather was good and the people were happy. In addition to the Liao capital, the largest city in the east was Mianyi. As the traffic hub of the eastern and southern vassals, Mianyi had a large population and an endless stream of merchants, which was more prosperous than the Liao capital. Thirty miles south of Mianyi is the Sea of Clouds, a famous water town in dreams. Four years ago, I traveled here with Wuyan, and I couldn't move any more. The sea of clouds is not as huge and prosperous as Mianyi, but the scenery is beautiful and unparalleled in the world. There is a natural lake in Yunhai City, which is called Longhu Lake by the world. The lake area is not large, but it is strange that there are many tributaries of the lake, which are densely distributed in the whole city. Therefore, it can be said that every household in Yunhai is built near the water. Even on the street, small bridges and flowing water can be seen everywhere, which reminds people of the beauty of Suzhou and Hangzhou. In addition, the climate here is very good, and the temperature difference is not big throughout the year, so I was reluctant to leave here and planned to stay with no salt. Wuyan learned that I planned to live here for a long time, but he did not object, but secretly reminded me that although the sea of clouds is a small town, but because the conditions are too good, it is a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers, there are many people who like to live in seclusion, or retired high officials in the court, like to choose this place to live or vacation. I couldn't help laughing and said, "What does that matter?"? I, Yan Wuyuan, am just a small, nameless character that no one will notice. Without salt, I had no choice but to follow my wishes. I opened a Fengyuelou on the lakeside in the south of the city, which is nominally a restaurant, but in fact it is also an inn. Fengyue Tower has three floors and is also divided into two courtyards, separated by a courtyard. The first floor is the lobby, the second floor is the private room, and the third floor is the guest room. The front yard is an open service area, and the back yard is where I live with the guys in the building. This sea of clouds is a small town, and although there are many guests coming and going, most of them pass through Mianyi and come to visit by the way. I was lazy by nature, and I didn't have much experience in doing business. Fortunately, I had a super and invincible shopkeeper, yuan Ji. Although she was a woman, she was very shrewd, and she did business very well. I was happy to be idle, and only left those daily things to her to deal with. Unexpectedly, she was able to discover that salt-free had the talent to cook, and forced salt-free to be the cook of Fengyuelou! When she brought it up, I was shocked. Who didn't know that salt-free was a stuffy gourd? It was rare to say a few words a day. I didn't want to provoke her. She was so good that she sent her to the kitchen. Salt-free finally promised to work for a few days, but unexpectedly, after three years of work, she gradually found interest and did not object to being a cook. The talent of the salt-free cook is really amazing. I am used to her cooking, and I have no interest in anything cooked by others. Heart can not help but repeatedly lament, secretly pray that she must not marry too soon, otherwise how can I live in the future. Every morning, as usual, I went to the third floor of the front yard to inspect it, ordered some things, and then returned to my own yard, sitting in a small pavilion by the lake, basking in the sun and drinking tea. When you are in the mood, you can swing a small boat by yourself,push button toilet flush valve, sway on the water, doze off and read books. This kind of day is so leisurely and comfortable that I often have a feeling of being in a dream. I deeply remember what Master Huizhen said. As long as the time is ripe, I can go back to my time. So he settled down and waited quietly.

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