Take note that Filliman will not appear if you enter the Moryta

  • How to deal with the boss

    Vorkath is among the most simple and profitable bosses to  OSRS gold  solo in OSRS which could be killed in melee or ranged mode. After release of Dragon Hunter Lance in 2019 January, it was much easier and quicker to take down it using melee tactics, because you get that juicy 20% increase in damage and accuracy when fighting dragons. Another advantage of defeating Vorkath by melee is stored supplies, as killing it in it gives you a an increased defense bonus and you will not require ammunition. So, we'll primarily concentrate on killing Vorkath by melee in this guide.


    Average earnings from a single kill can be anywhere from 140k up to 160k OSRS gold. Once you've become proficient in Vorkath you could expect to hit 30+ kills per hour . That's 4.5M of gold per hour, but that will depend on the gear you are using that will be discussed later. With no regular drops such as coins, dragon hides and various alchables , etc. There's a chance for you to receive one of the very few rare drops that can enhance your travels significantly. It is possible to view unique drops with current prices (2019 to June) below:

    Draconic facial visage - 6M

    Skeletal visage - 36M

    Dragonbone necklace - 104k

    Vorki - a dope looking pet.

    More useful information:

    As with Alchemical Hydra also known as Zulrah, Vorkath will always give you 2 drops which will remain on the ground for a period of 30 mins (unless you decide to leave the scene, which can result in losing your dropped items!). If died, you will be able get all of your items from a boatman with a 100k fee. After some practice, this shouldn't be a problem due to the fact that Vorkath is a simple solo boss which could even be killed while watching youtube or engaging in other background tasks.

    A salve-based amulet (ei) attack bonus does combine with dragon hunter's lance's bonuses, because Vorkath is considered to be an undead monster. If you're on the blue dragons' Slayer mission you can also wear your slayer's helmet, and switch your salve (ei) amulet to brutality, or a fury amulet to make your kills even more efficient.

    Requirements and guidelines:

    You have to successfully completed Dragon Slayer 2 which has requirements like 200 quest points Legends Quest, Dream Mentor, Edgar's Ruse etc. There are also prerequisites for skills such as 60 Agility, 60 Smithing, and 70 Smithing. But these skills will be worth the effort that will pay off!

    Since this is a dragon creature, you will require a defense against dragonfire breath . This can be anti-dragon shieldor dragon fireshield, or extended super antifire potion to free your hands for defense which gives you an additional attack bonuses. You will also need runes to use the "crumble dead" spell that takes 2 air as well as 2 earth. You will also need a chaos rune. You can, however, utilize Dust runes to free 1 slot in your inventory/rune pouch.

    I strongly suggest that you get Fremennik elite diaries complete because this will provide the fastest teleportation method to Vorkath. This teleportation technique works when combined with the Ornate rejuvenation pools in your home owned by you which can restore your HP Prayer, Special attack and bar. This pool requires an minimum of 82 constructs which is very high but having these options can boost the amount of kills you get per hour, so it's worth your effort! If you're interested in building your own training facility, go to our guide on the following link:


    If you don't have a replenishment pool or fremennik elite boots, I suggest switching parts of your gear to super restores or saradomin-brewed brews for longer excursions.

    Combat Requirements:

    There aren't any exact combat requirements for killing Vorkath The following combat skills can enhance your experience:

    90+ Attack

    90+ Strength

    90+ Defence

    90+ Hitpoints

    70+ Prayer (for making use of Piety)

    Gear setting:

    First gear setup is usually the cheapest one and should provide 2-3 kills per trip. If you're trying to find the item's names and prices (2019 June) you can find a list below:

    Neck slot: A salve (ei)Head slot: Serpentine Helm 3.4M (which is the most suitable head slot item except if you're playing blue dragons task switch it to slayer's helm)

    Arrows slot The slot can be used to grant any blessing. holy blessings in this case 100k

    Cape Cape: Your favorite cape, switch to infernal or Ardougne.

    Armor slot: Any mele barrow piece which use Guthan's slot, however you can get Torag's for 300k~

    Weapon: Zamorakian Hasta, 15M

    Shield slot: Dragon Defender

    Gloves: Barrows

    Boots: Dragon Boots 400k

    Ring: Ring that symbolizes wealth 13k

    Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M (best spec. weapon against Vorkath!)

    Inventory: Your best supplies, don't forget runes for "Crumble undead" spell!

    This setup will cost you around 145M (2019 July) and will make your trips much faster. If you do not have enough gold to cover all mentioned items, you should focus on Dragon hunter lance as your first priority. You can also invest in this money making method by buying some gold in our website: https://www.rsorder.com/

    The neck slot Salve amulet (ei)Head slot: Serpentine Helm, 3.4M

    Arrows slot: Any blessing, using holy blessings in this case, 100k~

    Cape Cape: Your most elegant cape, change it to infernal or Ardougne.

    Armor slot: Bandos chestplate 18M, Bandos tassets 30M

    Weapon: Dragon hunter lance, 86M

    Shield slot: Dragon Defender

    Gloves: Barrows

    Boots: Primordial Boots, 30M

    Ring: Treasonous (imbued), 400k

    Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M

    Inventory: Your finest supplies, Fremenik boots (if available), rune pouch (don't forget to bring runes for the "Crumble dead" ability!)

    Third gear gearing is one of the best currently available and it is expected to deliver the highest and the fastest gains from it. The setup is priced around 230 million (2019 July). You can find a complete list of equipment below:

    Helm slot Serpentine Helm, 3.4M

    A neck slot Salve amulet (ei)

    Arrows slot The slot can be used to grant any blessing. unholy blessing on this example 100k

    Cape The best cape, swap it for infernal or Ardougne.

    Armor slot: Bandos chestplate 18M, Bandos tassets 30M

    Weapon: Dragon hunter lance, 86M

    Shield slot Avernic Defender. 73M

    Gloves Ferocious gloves (Barrows gloves ) paired with Hydra leather that costs 8M).

    Boots: Primordial Boots, 30M

    Ring: Berserker ring (imbued), 3.4M

    Spec. weapon: Bandos godsword, 10M

    Inventory: Your top supplies, Fremenik boots (if available) and a rune pouch (don't not forget the runes required for "Crumble dead" the spell!)

    How to arrive:

    There are 3 methods to reach your destination.

    In the first case, you'll require your house to be set in Rellekka After that, you can utilize your teleportation technique to the player's house, leave the portal and head to boatman (all methods are below). S. I highly recommend having POH in Rellekka, even if it's not this method first.

    Lunar Isle method will only work for those who haven't completed Fremennik elite diary. Take teleportation method in Lunar Isle without Seal of passage. Talk to any NPC there and they'll take you off the Isle and take you to the location below on the map.

    For Fremennik boots, click the Teleportation on your Fremennik boots and then take a couple of steps to become a boatman.

    Vorkath Mechanics:

    Before you enter Vorkath's place, make sure that you've made your quick prayers according to the example displayed below:

    For Fire bomb attack you have to move 2 squares away from each other in any direction. Failing to move can instantly kill you. moving only 1 square away could result in 70+ damage. This attack is very slow and shouldn't pose difficult to avoid it. The attack can be seen as follows: Let's now take a look at Vorkath's primary and special attacks. For basic attacks he will make use of Melee, Ranged, Dragonfire, Fire bomb, Magic, Venom, and prayer-disabling attacks. That might sound like quite a lot, however, your excellent defense bonus, Serpentine Helm, Super anti-fire potion, and prayer protection will be able to handle most in his assaults. To be honest the only thing you need to do is concentrate on 2 of his fundamental attacks.

    For Prayer-disabling attack simply press your quick prayers icon , and it will turn your prayer back to normal. It's as easy as that. This attack's examples are shown below:

    1st Special Attack - Zombified Spawn: Vorkath will cast ice breath, which blocks the player from moving. You must quickly click anywhere along the path to end the attack Vorkath and make sure you have Your Crumble Undead spell prepared. After Ice breath attack that is listed below: Following every six basic attacks Vorkath will be able to use one of 2 special attacks:

    Vorkath will create one of the zombies that will move toward you, threatening to kill you. Make sure to use the Crumble Undead spell on him as fast as you can. Failing to kill it before time will cause 60+ injuries:

    2nd Special attack: 2nd Special attack - Acid spills, fireball bombardment:

    For this attack, Vorkath spills acid across the entire area and rapidly release fireballs that will follow your movements. Change your running off to running and start moving around instance to dodge acid spills which will deal 10 damage and heal Vorkath to the same extent.

    Moving around the instance is extremely crucial. It is better to walk on the acid spill than stop movingas every fireball hit can deal as much as 30+ damages and Vorkath launches these attacks every time!

    The fight:

    Before you enter the instance it is important to have your prayers prepared according to the instructions in this tutorial. Take a sip of Super anti-fire extended and sip of Super combat potions, and then go into.

    For instance, Vorkath won't attack you until you poke at him. Free up one inventory space by dropping sharks, for example, and you will able to collect it after the battle. Get your Bandos godsword ready for its special punch and attack Vorkath for the first time to start fighting:

    If Bandos godsword spec. attack is not successful in striking Vorkath I highly recommend that you teleport back to your home Drink from the Ornate revitalization pool and begin all over again. Vorkath is a high defense bonus and successful special attack in the initial battle will make your journey significantly faster, which means there is less chance of errors :)

    After a successful BGS special attacks, Vorkath attacks you with 6 basic attacks before using one of his specific capabilities, which are random. I highly recommend switching your run-off after the 5th basic attack and get your attention on him in case Vorkath uses the acid splash attack:

    After his special attack, the character will follow with six basic attacks. Then he will use different abilities that are unique to him. In the example above, if the first special attack was Acid spill, second special attack will be a Zombified after which the next 6 basic attacks follow which will lead to the next Acid spill attack, and the cycle continues.

    After the kill, gather up the loot , then go back to your home in the event that you have an Ornate rejuvenation pools there. If not, you can simply poke him once more and begin again.

    If you were killed during the battle, visit the boatman to collect the things you've lost for a 100k. It's not necessary to have 100k of cash in your accounts It will be taken straight from your bank.

    Pro tip:

    When you're more comfortable with Vorkath's techniques and techniques, you may want to consider studying the technique known as "Woox walking" which is a technique used to acid spill attacks that are special. Basically, you will need to take on Vorkath while dodging his rapid fireball attacks , by continuously moving between them. To accomplish this effectively, you'll need to locate an acid-free space first, then press attack and Vorkath and quickly move forward to avoid stopping on the area. This process requires a lot of practice, which can make it cost you 100k every time you do not master it. If you can master this method, you will able to reach maximum gains per hour.=========================================================

    OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) Nature Spirit Quest

    Take extra food with you, as without a Druid pouch Ghasts can rot the food items.

    Drezel should be found at the same place where you had him when you left at the end of Priest in Peril (under the temple, just beside the gate to Morytania). Talk to him and begin the quest. Take three apple pies and three meat pies from Drezel and bring those in to Folliman Tarlock. The good news is that he'll warn you about the ghasts of food decay. It is unlikely that you will give Filliman the food, so doesn't mean you need to worry about this now. Take advantage of the Holy Barrier to exit the temple and head to the south-east. Take note that Filliman will not appear if you enter the Morytania by the gate.

    Grotto tree.

    Don't pay attention to the warnings and simply pass the gate and enter the swamp. Follow the west river south until your reach the Grotte tree.

    Warn: Ghasts are barely visible souls and are hiding in the swamp trying to destroy your food. They're weak in battle, though and will often miss when you've run out of food. They'll do 2-3 damage with a maximum of. About 3 health points will also be lost randomly while at the swamp (because the reason is why?). However, this will not be the case at the Nature Grotto or on Filliman's Island. You could lose up 7 health points trying to jump across the broken bridge into the grotto however, there is no way to proceed further.

    On the grotto tree you will see only a tiny black hole. It offers you an entry option. The problem is that Filliman Tarlock appears only when you attempt to into the grotto.

    Filliman is that you? Then, it appears he has died and turned into a ghost. Take the Amulet of ghostspeak to talk to him. However, if you don't have one, he will end the conversation by saying something that resembles ghosts. It's apparent that he doesn't believe that he's still alive. Then, take the wash bowl off the table next to it, take a mirror underneath and use it to him. This will convince him that he is now ghost. You are required to locate the journal of his. It is located in the grotto of the tree. Find it and take it to him.

    Ghasts are non-visible NPCs who do not have an "attack" option.

    Filliman is going to express his desire to be the Nature Spirit. He needs help in becoming one and this is the time to step in. Begin your mission to assist him by obtaining an oath scroll, which you will later use to cast a Bloom spell.

    For the purpose of collecting the 3 items

    Items required: Druidic spell (given to you by Filliman)

    You'll need three of these items to begin the quest:

    Something to believe in

    You should be blessed. Return to Drezel ask him to do so. Following the blessings, you will hear kind words from him. Be attentive.

    Drezel gives a blessing to the player.

    Nature-related thing

    After receiving Drezel blessings, equip or hold at least a Silver sickle in your inventory, use the Druidic spell and go to the swamp. In there, make an acorn grow by locating one of the logs that is rotting while casting your spell beside it. Once you pick it and present it to Filliman the wizard, he informs you that mushrooms are a part from nature.

    Note: The spell will need to be used again later on and you should not drop the spell after having used.

    NOTE: Lifehack - In case you are not able to pray remove the spell card which was handed to you and request a new one. This will let you get multiple spell cards.

    The'spirit' to become can be freely shared

    The spell card you use is the something that causes Spirit that is freely handed out.

    Take note that you can obtain another spell card that is not used in the event that you request it prior to placing the items on the stone. This will let you save Prayer points and cast the spell during the next step.

    Once you've reached Filliman's Grotto, use the spell card on the grey stone and the mushroom on the light brown stone. Go into the grotto of Filliman whenever you're required to summon the man again. After that, stand on the orange stone and tell Filliman you think that you have solved the puzzle. Filliman will require you to go inside the grotto following finishing half of his transformation. Remember not to drop mushrooms or spell cards that you have used. The only way to use them is for the stones and not drop them.

    Go to the middle of the cave to search for the grotto. This will cause Filliman to change into one of the Nature Spirit. You will be asked to bring him a Silver sickle. Meet with him again and hand over the Silver sickle. Following the blessing of the Silver sickle Filliman gives it back and will introduce you to your new possibility and allow you to bless additional sickles later on by simply dipping them in the grotto's waters. Then, you'll receive an Druid pouch and will be asked to eliminate three ghosts.

    Filliman performs the transformation ritual.

    Filliman will bless the player's silver sickle.

    In the process of killing the ghasts

    Items needed: Druid pouch prayers, prayer points, and weapons.

    The Druid pouch only become usable after Filliman can show you how use it. If you encounter an error while trying to use it, you can simply add it to your inventory for future use.

    Note: Druid pouch can only be used on a nearby ghasts to manually make them visible and attackable.

    Take note that you can employ the best weapon for killing Ghasts as they are unable to be killed by a sickle.

    casting Bloom spell. Bloom spell.

    Get the blessed silver sickle and travel to the muddy swamp. The sickle can be used to cast Bloom while standing next to wood, twigs, or bushes. This will not only let you gather fungi, stems and pears, but it also allows you to subtract Prayer points.

    Click "Fill" in the event that you have minimum three of fungi stems, or pears in your inventory . You can then add them into your druid's bag.

    Level 30 Ghasts become visible after you have used the druid pouch on them. Also, this will result in the deducting of one charge from your druid pouch. Talk to the Nature Spirit RuneScape gold  after you kill three ghasts. Nature Spirit will reward you. For each ghast killed, you'll get 30 prayer points.

    The ghast will be released after it is killed.

    Ending the process

    Finally, search the Filliman's cave and talk to Filliman.

    That's it, Quest has been completed! Congratulations!

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