Path of Exile’s next league may not be released until February

  • The developer stated that if players are waiting for the next expansion pack of Path of Exile, they must wait longer. Path of Exile 3.17 was initially scheduled to be released in the third week of January, but now it has been delayed for at least two weeks. It is now expected to be launched in early February, so players can prepare enough POE 3.17 Currency during this time to get an excellent performance easily in the new league.

    According to forum posts, the reason for the delay was that the superiors gave their employees some time to celebrate the New Zealand summer vacation so that it could fully charge them during the POE Currency. In addition, an experimental game mode with the tentative name “Hard Mode” should have been tested before patch 3.17 was released. However, for the time being, it is now planned to launch after it released the aforementioned update.

    On the positive side, if players have a lot of things to do in the Scourge League, they can buy POE Orbs and use the extra time to do these things. Maybe they can use the extra weeks to get the equipment they have wanted since the beginning of the current league and more POE Items.

    Although the developers have been very frank about their plans for the first quarter of 2022, fans seem to want them to communicate more. Some players said that they think the people of GGG have not fulfilled their promise of more communication, updates and general interaction. They added that two weeks after patch 3.16 was released. The developers seemed to have abandoned the community.

    Other players replied that GGG has not met the standards in the past four of the five leagues launched in the past year. They explained that the balance of this game has always been poor. They hope that the release of Lost Ark will change the status quo, keep developers alert, and force them to move forward in some way. They think that the developers are just promising to use these things as a form of marketing for the Scourge League. But players can POE Currency Buy to make themselves stronger according to their needs.

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