Explore Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere in the last time

  • Grinding Gear Games continues its year-end celebration event with a new event. Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere is another ten-day event for Path of Exile. Exiles will take part in this new ten-day event, and will encounter new Delirium Fog on every map. So players have prepared enough POE Currency to make themselves easier. But the event is about to end. In the last limited time, here is a guide that players can refer to.

    The old season mechanism Delirium, which was launched a long time ago, inspired GGG’s Delerium Everywhere event. Although it may be different, this exciting POE Currency may actually be a return to that season. Those brave enough to face the Patch of Exile Delirium Everywhere event will encounter different percentages of Delirium Fog in each map.

    Players may only get 1% fog, or they may get 100% fog. The percentage of the fog will increase the intensity of the monsters lurking in it, as well as the number of monsters spawned on the map. Although it is definitely more dangerous, it means there are more opportunities to drop rewards and Simulacrum fragments to drop. Once a certain percentage of delirium appears in a certain area, they will find that the area remains at that percentage.

    When players play the game, they will encounter this Delirium Fog, which adds recent changes to the upgrade process. If the players reach the end game, they will also encounter Delirium. GGG did mention that they have tried not to make the activity level on the official activity page too crazy, so players can actually play the game and upgrade as their build takes shape. Of course, they can also buy POE Orbs to make their role play more powerful.

    It is also worth mentioning that this incident is invalid and is not on the Scourge farm this season. In addition, during the event, Mirrors of Delirium could not be generated. Speaking of the regular Delirious mechanics, if players loot the Delirious map, then it will function normally. Players who have not yet made some achievements must POE Currency Buy in the last time to get the rewards they want.

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