RuneScape - If you're being targeted

  • At levels that go as high as 80, you'll need to OSRS gold make some profit while training your Hunter. One of the best options to begin with would be Red Chins. They're highly profitable because many players will utilize them to improve the speed of training Ranged skill.

    While you only require an 63 hunter for starting your training there it is highly advised to acquire at least 80 hunters prior to arriving at this location. This will let players take advantage of the largest number of traps which will increase both exp and gold produced per hour. In addition, completing the Western Provinces Diary quest might also be required because it opens up red chinchompa hunting ground where players will face less competition from a crowds than other areas. Don't forget to complete Eagle's Peak quest since you are required to complete it to set traps on boxes.

    While ginger cousins are profitable to capture, they aren't the one of the best hunting animals you can farm on. Black Chinchompas are the most profitable Hunter creatures that you can farm on , both in terms of experience as well as in gold-based products. The fluffy squirrels can bring double the profit as Red Chins . But there's the catch.

    They are located between the 32 and 36 levels of wilderness, which is an area that is frequented by killers. If you want to catch Chins in this location, it would be highly advised to carry excellent armor and food.

    If you're being targeted, trying to return to level 30 Wilderness might be an option , but be cautious about Teleblock spell. Since location of Chinchompas is in the dangerous terrain, you can put in a trap. As with Red Chins - Don't forget that Eagle's Peak quest must be completed to runescape 2007 gold place traps in boxes.

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