How To Collect And Use Briar Branches In New World?

  • The gathering is a very important trading skill in New World. Players can use this skill to collect various resources. For example, players can use this skill to collect briar branches in Aeternum. However, in New World, resources can only be obtained at designated locations, which may cause some confusion to players. The following guide will show you how to collect briar branches, which will save players a lot of time.

    How To Get Briar Branches?

    While Briar Branches aren't something that you'll typically manage to acquire, the mission "A Prickly Request" prepares you off to discover some.

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    Where can I find Briar Branches?

    Players can find Briar Branches in briar plants. The briar plants drop numerous items, including briar branches, thorny vines, buds, and firefly bait.

    How to Get Briar Branches in New World?

    You may commonly find Briars in regions that have water physical bodies situated nearby. Waterway banks are good places to discover Briars in New World. To possess a good chance of discovering it, you can move in the westward path from Westward as quickly as you understand about the quest.

    You will more than happy to know that you carry out certainly do not require any type of unique items or even tools to gather Briars in New World. When you find all of them, all you will certainly need to have to perform is push the E key. Doing so will give you 2 Briar branches, which you will need to hold in your inventory.

    What is the purpose of Briar Branches?

    The components compiled coming from Briar Branches may be utilized to craft a Weak Mana Potion, which recovers 40% of a gamer's mana. Beyond the pursuit and this certain potion, there is nothing else discovered use for Briar Branches.

    This guide gives you a detailed introduction to the collection methods and uses of Briar Branches, which will help us in the New World more smoothly, and will help us save a lot of new world coins.

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