• Because Prayer is different in comparison to OSRS GP other abilities, it isn't developed by gathering or creating numerous items. To improve their Prayer skill, players must put down remains of dead animals and sacrifice their remains at an Altar or Ectofuntus or level up by killing reanimated beasts that can be summoned with the help of Arceuus spellbook.

    It is a reward for the hard Morytania diary that allows you to bury bones for you upon killing monsters. It grants 50% of the amount of experience a player gain by burying a bone but can be upgraded by finishing elite Morytania tasks to provide 100 percent. Bonecrusher uses charges which can be filled with Ectotokens with a rate of 1 token per charge. The cost is one charge on each bone burial. This is a useful feature to have when trying to improve your fight since it will boost your prayer level nicely.

    To earn the title of Soul Bearer, you must finish Bear your Soul miniquest which is quite simple. With this item in your inventory, you can take your ensouled head from your inventory to the bank for the cost of a single charge. To refill your charges, you'll need to offer one soul and one blood rune per charge to the bearer.


    Prayer is a very costly talent to learn and as a result it is extremely important to examine the costs of head and buy OSRS gold bone before buying large quantities of them. Finding bones on your own is not a good idea and should be avoided. It is almost always better to earn money by using a profitable method and buying bones through other gamers. There are numerous bone types that are used in Prayer training like Dagannoth Bones, Superior Dragon Bones, Ourg Bones and other types.


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