Final Thoughts

  • One of the major gameplay mechanics of this game is the automated, and Lineage 2M Diamonds that may be for good or for worse. In order to do battle you must simply tap on an opponent, and then tap the attack button once. Your character will fight an opponent until defeated. There's even an auto-hunt option that lets you seek out new enemies and attack them once the last one has been killed.

    Spells and other special attacks can be utilized automatically while you're doing battle it's the same goes for health potions. When you're assigned a job there is the option of automatically traveling to the location. After your character is in the place, they'll start auto-attacking the enemies for you.

    The system of currency

    Lineage 2M offers different currencies you can exchange for goodies. There are two basic types: gold coins you earn from just playing the game, and diamonds that are purchased with real money.

    Additionally, there are special rewards you earn doing certain types of missions. They are awards of honor earned from clan-related tasks. You can use them to buy items from the clan merchant.

    Then, there are oracle tokens. These are earned through tasks that are specific to Lineage 2 Mobile Diamonds the goddess Einhasad. You can buy things from the priest with these tokens.


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