2K and Visual Concepts revealed NBA 2K21 for the duration of So

  • Yesterday, 2K and Visual Concepts revealed NBA 2K21 for the NBA 2K21 MT duration of Sony's large PS5 occasion, featuring a debut trailer showcasing the game's extraordinary graphics at the PlayStation console and Zion Williamson, who will probably be this 12 months's cover megastar. The New Orleans Pelicans rookie might also have best played a handful of games this yr, however he's already one among the largest names in the league thanks to his skills and ability to be the league's next huge movie star.

    Following the event, 2K and Visual Concepts dished out some details about the sport, along with word of 1 feature so one can be welcomed addition for NBA 2K players. According to the aforementioned pair, players can kiss goodbye to lengthy loading screens, due to the fact NBA 2K21 has loading speeds coming in below two seconds, at the least on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

    "From pictures as in-your-face as Zion’s dunk to nearly unrecognizable loading speeds of less than two seconds, NBA 2K21 for subsequent-gen is poised to shatter all our preceding notions of what this franchise can deliver," stated Greg Thomas, co-founder and president of developer Visual Concept. "With 2K21, we’ve were given some thing that merges wonderful photograph abilities with new in-recreation opportunities to reset the sports sim widespread."

    At the moment, it's doubtful if all loading instances can be cut lolga.com all the way down to just seconds, or if this best applies to certain loading monitors. What we do know is this feature will most effective be to be had through the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the sport, which include a state-of-the-art SSD that notably reduces loading times.

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