Txyicheng Toaster Bags Help You Toast Sandwich, Veggie Burgers,

  • Making a grilled cheese sandwich doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. However, if there’s a chance to make an easy task even easier, we’re up for it. Nonetheless, these non-stick grilled cheese Toaster Bag can help you make the classic sandwich faster, with less oil and butter and less cleanup.

    Toasted sandwich / panini

    A little bit of an obvious option, we thought we’d better include it anyway.

    Toasties are infinitely better than a regular sandwich. Grilled cheeses are great, yeah, but they require a frying pan ergo washing up. Slot your sandwich into a toaster bag, however, pop it into the toaster, and in a couple of minutes you’ve got an A-grade toastie with only a little pouch to wipe out after.

    Crisp up yesterday’s chips and onion rings

    Everyone knows the sad, limp state of a chip leftover from a takeaway. These stodgy, cloying sticks of despair are mere shadows of the hot, crisp, mouth-watering delight they were the day before.

    Microwaving these poor souls just makes them wetter, sadder, limper. Shove them in a toaster bag, however, and the grease on the surface of each chip with slowly start to sizzle and bring it back to its crispy self. No need for a frying pan or oven – your hungover breakfast will never be the same again.

    Potato waffles

    No need to spend time waiting for the grill to heat up, you can have delicious golden brown waffles in minutes by popping them in the toaster.

    What's more, it even works straight from frozen

    Veggie burgers

    You must never cook beef burgers in the toaster because so much fat seeps out of them it would be dangerous, but it's a different story with the veggie variety.

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