League of Legends: Top Laners for Climbing Solo Queue

  • The ranked ladder in League of Legends can be quite menacing. How do you get to the top of that ladder? Let us take a look at some unexpectedly strong champions for each role to climb with!

    Playing solo is frustrating at times, but the champions listed below can easily increase your win rate. If you’re tired of losing games and dropping your ranks, then these solo champions will give you the ability to rise through the ranks.


    One of the latest champions added in the game is Wukong. He has a lot of things to offer on the table. Wukong is a fighter champion who plays tricks on his enemies. He is a very flexible champion capable of filling other lanes like Mid or Jungle, Baron lane is still the best for him.


    He can go invisible and leave a clone behind him, confusing the enemy. His ultimate skill can knock up champions and can be used twice before going on cooldown. This is good against enemies who rely on auto-targeting, forcing them to hit your clones instead. He works well with Yasuo who needs enemies to be knocked up so he can use his ultimate skill.


    He is weak against champions that can poke him hard at a distance, if you are laning against marksmen like Vayne or Varus, you have to fight aggressively or else you’ll get bullied in your lane and won’t be able to farm minions. If you’re too behind in terms of level and items, your Ultimate is the only thing that’s useful in a team fight.

    Despite this weakness against poke-reliant champions, he is still one of the strongest champions due to his clones allowing him to survive enemy ganks and targeted skills.


    Another Champion that hasn’t seen a whole lot of attention until recently is the big tree himself, Maokai. Maokai does not pull punches when it comes to duking it out in the Top Lane and can go toe to toe with the best of them. You could even flex him Support if you wanted to but at the end of the day Maokai finds the most success up Top tanking blows and putting on shows.


    Strong sustain

    Lots of crowd control

    Exceptional teamfighter


    High mana costs

    After being away from the Rift for multiple patches, Maokai is back in action. His counters were nerfed into the ground and his item build was buffed up. The most significant buff was to Bami’s Cinder. The item deals a lot of AoE damage if you use crowd control on a champion and Maokai has plenty of it.


    Taking a step away from the pure tanks, we have one of League of Legends poster boys Darius. This juggernaut has devastating lane dominance and can turn any 1v1 or 1v2 scenario in his favor. The skill in the Champion isn’t so much kit but rather in how you pick your battles and positioning. It’s borderline high risk high reward as he has a few more counters against him but the good greatly outweighs the bad.


    Strong one-vs-one duelist

    Exceptional sustain

    Good at punishing immobile champions


    No dash

    Falls of in later stages of the game


    If you played League of Legends PC, you know that Evelynn is meant for the jungle role but in Wild Rift, that’s not the case. Ever since her buff in the previous patch, giving her an extra range on her first skill, her wave clear and poke potential have grown tremendously.


    Her passive is quite good once she reaches level 5. She can just clear the mid lane wave then go invisible and gank other lanes. Her overwhelming map pressure can be beneficial for her allies, forcing the enemy team to play safe especially if she suddenly goes missing in mid lane. She can be effective in engaging in team fights, thanks to her passive, and can easily escape or avoid ganks using her ultimate skill.


    Her weakness is good team coordination, as long as the opposite team keeps an eye out for her and bring a sweeping lens to reveal her while she is on stealth, she can’t do much. If she can’t snowball early in the match, she falls hard, and is almost impossible to recover and make a comeback.

    Lee Sin

    Lee Sin has always been one of the best jungle champions in the game, even in the League of Legends PC. He has a lot of mobility and can easily chase down enemies. Don’t forget to bring your smite. That is an important summoner spell for Junglers.


    His jungle wave clear is quite decent compared to other Junglers. He can even sustain himself allowing him to keep farming in the jungle without having to recall back to base due to low HP.

    He can dash onto enemies at any distance as long as they got hit with his Sonic Wave skill. With practice, Lee Sin’s ganks are swift and precise giving no time for enemy champions to react once they get hit with his Sonic Wave. He can even push enemies away from their safe zone using his ultimate, Dragon’s Rage.


    Lee Sin has a high skill ceiling which means you will need a lot of practice for him to be effective. He excels in snowballing early in the match instead of speed farming the jungle. If Lee Sin falls behind, he won’t be able to be tanky enough to engage in a team fight.

    We've gone ahead and discussed some easy to learn champions that will help you Climbing Solo Queue. We hope you enjoyed this guide to Climbing Solo Queue or beginners. Did you find a League of Legends champion that fits your play style or want Buy LoL Account , click https://lol.igvault.com/League-of-Legends-Accounts