Design and decorative effects of wooden garden arches

  • This wooden garden arch is made of preservative wood and has flower boxes on both sides for growing plants. There are various landscape elements that make up a garden, each of which plays an important role. But when it comes to decoration, it is more intuitive and effective to consider a garden arch that suits your villa garden style when designing the villa garden. Garden arches not only add a structural element to your villa garden, but also bring a variety of colors and fragrances, and more importantly, it can easily transform any type of villa garden into a beautiful sea of ​​flowers. And if you plan to remodel your garden, adding a wooden garden arch is also the easiest and most efficient way. From the perspective of the material that constitutes the garden arch, the plasticity of wood is stronger. Moreover, various styles can be designed, and the budget is more flexible, which can take care of the needs of all levels, even a small villa garden can get a suitable garden arch.

    The open frame design of this wooden garden arch is ideal for growing vines like roses, clematis, etc. You can easily fix and guide the climbing direction of these vines. And this arch has a grid, which is also very helpful for these vines to climb. Although wooden garden arches are not as strong as metal arches, the wood used outdoors is specially treated, so you don't have to worry too much, the quality of wooden garden arches can be guaranteed. Wooden garden arches can create a very natural and idyllic feel, whether you match it with honeysuckle, jasmine or roses and other scented climbing plants, the effect is very good.

    In fact, sometimes it is the design style of the material, not the material, that determines the style type. Wooden garden arches can also create a very stylish modern style in this horizontal strip design, or a cross design can be better for planting, which is conducive to plant climbing. Another thing to note is that when choosing a garden arch, it must be in harmony with the size of your garden. Wide or very long arches will look more ideal in large spaces. If you want to add some idyllic style to your villa garden, in the choice of plants, it is recommended to try to choose vines with bolder colors, such as wisteria. Wisteria's large leaves and dangling racemes would go well with this style of garden. Garden arches handcrafted from this natural material are as beautiful as they are stylish. Most importantly, it is also more convenient to make and install. If you can't extend the space outwards in the garden, try extending it upwards.

    Especially setting such a wooden garden arch at the entrance of the garden or at a certain passageway will give people a sense of seclusion and mystery when the plants grow very luxuriantly. It is also a great place to enjoy shade and privacy.

    Our wooden garden arch provides a perfect planting solution, especially if your villa garden has poor soil or is not convenient for growing plants. In the planter box, you can not only plant some beautiful vines, let the plants cover the arch, and when the flowers open, the whole garden door is a wreath to create a beautiful landscape atmosphere; you can also use multiple groups of this type The garden arch creates a kitchen garden and grows some fruits and vegetables to enrich your dining table. You can also interplant some annual herbs between the vegetables for the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, and this form of kitchen garden is very popular.

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